Nearly everyday people ask me how to improve their credit score, I tell them I am no financial adviser however I can tell them what lenders are looking for and doing these things may help you build a better score. Today I will address those who have no credit score: young, just our of school or you have always paid cash. Start by getting a cell phone in your own name, car insurance in your own name. Apply for a store credit card like Target or Gap, Walmart even if you only get a $500.00 limit, that is a start. Use this new credit card responsibly, it isn't free money you have to pay it back, over the course of a month things you have normally paid cash or written a check for like gas, groceries, utility bills, may all be paid for with the card. Use as much of the credit limit as possible but don't go over, then at the end of the month pay it all of except for a small amount like $50.00, I'm not encouraging you to go into debt, merely prove that you can handle a credit card. Do this for 6 months, most of the time the credit card issuer will call or write to you and congratulate you on how you are handling your credit and offer you a larger credit limit, accept whatever they offer. Now with your new limit use it for even more of your daily expenses keeping the money to pay it off in your checking account until the bill comes. After 6 months attempt to get a MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express card, if you are turned down do not dismay, just keep on doing what you are doing and try again in another 4-6 months. If you follow these tips and keep your bills paid on time you will be on your way to establishing a good credit score. Always pay your bills on time even music services now report to credit a bureau  if you don't pay and student loans left unpaid never go away!  There are a number of credit score building companies out there, Credit Karma and Experian are two of them, they have great help and it is free.